The Beginner Nurse

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A. Transition from beginner to Professional

Before a nurse can become effective as a health care provider he or she should be psychologically and physically prepared for the job. Psychological preparedness means that the mental set and emotional state of the nurse must be ready for the everyday routines and stressors in the job. Psychological preparedness requires assessment of the self or awareness of the self. The nurse should know own strengths and limitations as a beginner.

The nurse strengths include the academic theories and trainings in the BSN degree. This will require the new nurse to refresh self about those principles, fundamentals, and theories learned from the study. Limitations include lack of expert skills and dexterity (speed and efficiency in the use of hands) of nursing procedures as hospital trainings as a BSN student were not enough to encounter those specific procedures. Expert nurses in the workplace shall serve as source of the skills not encountered in academic trainings. Proper and appropriate attitude must be adopted in adjusting into working with colleagues who had earned skills and knowledge by their tenure in their job and the environment they are used to. The beginner nurse must use therapeutic self to gain confidence and trust with existing staff in the hospital.

B. Hospital Policies

The beginner nurse, if not given the opportunity to have job orientation, should strive to know the existing policies of the hospital. Policies which pertains to absences, tardiness, documentations, and safety of the clients should be given due attention. The beginner nurse cannot put the safety of the patient by sudden absence or tardiness from the job. The nurse should put to mind that the welfare and safety of the patients are his or her main concerns.

C. Personal matters

A beginner nurse and until such time he or she had become a professional should never allow personal matters to interfere

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