The Beauty of Language

Topics: Education, Student, United Kingdom Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Pedro Ramirez
Eng 1000C-529
Prof. Peacock
February 15, 2013
The beauty of Language
The art of communication is really complicated and important to everyone on this world and what’s not better for communication but language. You may think, there are so many languages in this world but when you speak a certain language and the other person also speaks it, you expect to communicate perfectly with them, but this is not completely true. Even if you speak English with someone that speaks English it doesn’t mean your communication is perfect because there’s different ways to speak or as Judith Baker describes it in her article “Trilingualism”, there is home English, formal English and professional English. Trilingualism is the article of an English Teacher at a high school and she, trying to be the best teacher possible for her students, studies and analyses how her students function with their communication. She focuses on the way her students speak and their choice of words, showing the difference in the home English (used at home taught by parents) and professional English (one taught at school). The one “English” that has the most different and creates judgment from one another is the Home English and the story by Lisa Delpit of “No kinda sense” describes it the best. Lisa Delpit is an African-American woman that was taught all her life to speak in Professional English instead of “Ebonics” which is the way that African-American people often speak. She has a daughter who goes to a school where she is the only African-American girl, making her be singled out and feel out of place. After this happening, she moves her to a new school were the students are 98% African-American and makes her daughter regain her confidence and feel better about herself. The downside that Lisa found on the move is that her daughter learned Ebonics, the language she does not like at all and found herself contradicted with this issue of the language. There is so much more into...
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