The Beauty of Cultural Diversity

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The Beauty of Cultural Diversity
Every culture has its own sets of rules, languages, attire, and above all a way of life. Cultural differences are best reflected in the languages of the native speaker. What is culture? To truly define culture personally I believe that we would have to go back in time and look for different interpretations. Yes it can be found in today’s generation but truthfully, today’s generation doesn’t completely know what culture is, they have lost their sense of culture.

What is culture? The dictionary defines cultures as it is a shared beliefs, learned values and attitude which shape our influences of perception and form behavior. In today’s generation it’s more of I was born in America so that my culture, despite the facts that they have ancestry backgrounds to other cultures. Does everyone in the world embrace their culture no? I say this because I didn’t fully embrace my culture till I was thirteen years old. I did fully understand the beauty of cultural diversity.

The United States has been called a melting pot because, over the centuries, people from many different countries and cultures have come to reside her. But despite being held on high standards people still discriminate against different cultures and I find this unfortunate. Because of this we run away form of culture never fully understanding and living our culture. Like I mentioned early I didn’t fully embrace my culture till I was 13 dues to the fact that I was discriminated because of my culture. I knew the language and spoke it fluently but because of the discrimination I was resentful toward my culture. But I soon realized that my culture statistically was different from the American culture

I realized that every culture has its own sets of rules, languages, attire and a way of life I realized that it wasn’t only my culture that was like this but many others such as Chinese, German, Russian, etc. I started to learn more and studied my culture more often. While on...
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