The Beauty of Australia

Topics: Australia, Olympic Games, Kangaroo Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: February 6, 2013
In this world, there are all different cities, states, counties and countries you can visit. The country that I admire the most is Australia. Australia is my favorite country because it is a big island and it is an independent continent, and that is not the only reason. The other reasons are because of the unique cultures, and habitats, and the animals over there. I have never been to Australia, but I did research on it and I watched videos of Australia and the sight just seems so beautiful. I admire Australia because they have mostly had peace and had almost never been in a fight. That's amazing. The Olympic games were actually in Australia in the year two thousand. This country also has one of the most rare and most unique animals in the world, for instance, the kangaroos. The kangaroos are very unique and interesting because they have a pouch on their stomach that they put their babies in. The reason why the babies are well protected is because the mother kangaroo has very strong hind legs, and a fist almost as big as a full grown man's head. Australia is a very amazing country. we can do a lot of things in Australia. we can do a lot with water because Australia is surrounded by water. we can go swimming or surfing because the waves are just great alone in the ocean. we can also ride boats across the ocean and the sight will be pretty. we can play volleyball on the beach. we can do a lot more things, too.It has a lot of sights and places to go to, but the prettiest sight to me is sundown at the beach. As the sun goes down, the sky turns into a purplish color and it is pretty. I have heard a lot about Australia. I have always wanted to go there because of the wonderful things I heard about. In the future, I hope I can visit Australia. Australia cherishes lots of memories so that will always be my favorite country.
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