The Beatles: Popular Music In The 1960's
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The Beatles Imagine yourself as a teen in the 1960’s. John F. Kennedy has recently been assassinated and the country is devastated. You turn on some new music released by the Beatles and suddenly, you are lost in the music that is sweeping the nation. You almost forget the fact that the popular president has been assassinated. The Beatles’ and many other artists’ music is still listened to and replicated today. The Beatles were a group of four men that created very popular music in the 1960’s. The British invasion was a phenomenon that occured when a stream of British artists were sent across the Atlantic. The phenomenon included music and fashion, and a big part was played by the Beatles, but there were several other popular artists that …show more content…
By early summer, there seemed to be more British artists on the radio than American(shsu The British Invasion). America loved the new frantic beats that the Beatles brought. As stated in the article, “By late 1963, however, the nation was caught up in a communal sense of mourning, brought on by the assassination of popular president John F. Kennedy. The Beatles-- with their cheeky wit and catchy, upbeat pop songs-- proved to be the perfect anecdote to America’s collective depression”(shsu The British Invasion). This was important because America was brought back into the world of music, instead of dwelling on the horrible past. The Beatles’ music helped, but nothing could defeat the depression of the country. The Beatles played a very big part in the British invasion, sending happiness across the …show more content…
As previously stated, “Only a handful of artists continued to thrive in 1964 and beyond. Some of these include the Beach Boys and the Four Season”(shsu The British Invasion). The first few British performers to achieve success on the American charts were Dusty Springfield, the Dave Clark Five, the Searchers, Billy J. Kramer, and Peter and Gordon(shsu The British Invasion). New artists found it necessary to include elements of the merseybeat sound such as the trademark jangly guitars and seamless three-part vocal harmonies(shsu The British Invasion). These other artists were important because they introduced a different kind of British music than the Beatles, so America could get a taste of the different styles of British artists. The Beatles played a distinct style of music and some Americans disliked this style, but other artists provided the style of music that fits each individual’s musical preference. There were many other artists that influenced the British

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