The Beatles

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The Beatles

The Beatles were a legend during the 1960’s. They were a British rock band that even today influences music. The Beatles swept the world off its feet and are considered by many to be the most beloved band in the history of popular music.

It all started in March of 1957; the band’s founder John Lennon started a skiffle (mix of Jazz and Blues) group with some of his friends. They called themselves “The Quarry Men”. Later that year, the group played at a gig in Liverpool when Lennon heard Paul McCartney practicing backstage. Lennon immediately saw his talent and asked him to join the group. Within a day McCartney had accepted the offer. Later in the year McCartney introduced Lennon to George Harrison and he joined the group as well.

From that point until 1960, the Quarry Men played in small gigs. They also experimented with many different names for their group. They went from being Johnny and the Moondogs, to the Silver Beetles. Lennon said he had a dream where “a man inside a flaming pie appeared and said you shall be called the Beatles, with an A”. Thus, the name “The Beatles” was born. Later that year, a full time drummer named Pete Best was recruited.

It was during this time the Beatles evolved into what they became famous for- rock and roll. They would play together for hours at the club and gained some local attention. Their image also started to change and all the members got their hair cut in the classic “mop top” style that they would become famous for. During this turbulent period, the Beatles had fired their original manager Allan Williams who arranged all their gigs. The band also planned a trip to Germany, but it did not last long because underage Harrison was deported and the other members lost their foreign work permits. After a few months, the group had lost another member, Stuart Sutcliffe (he had stayed in Germany to become an artist). They then briefly returned to Germany to record their single, “My Bonnie”.

The single...
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