The Battle of Sexes in Society

Topics: Female, Gender, Human Pages: 1 (424 words) Published: December 6, 2010
The Battle of Sexes in Society
Men have always had things easier in society compared to women. Women have had to work their way up to be the way it is in today’s society. However, unlike men, women always seem to get away with crimes or injustices. In the beginning of our nation, when the Declaration of Independence, as well as other important documents from the same time period, women were never really mentioned. The only humans that were important in society were the white men. The woman’s primary role was to cook, clean, and take care of the children. However, after many protests, women finally won over the right to vote, which is now stated in the 19th Amendment, in August of 1920. Slowly but surely, women also worked their way up the business ladder, especially in the medical field. They first began to really be noticed through midwifery, since women were more comfortable with other women during the birthing process. Men are always the primary figure in all areas of the human life; not just in society, but also in religion. They have always had the right to say anything, over women, and had never had to work to be able to have more opportunities available to them, unless it was through the social class ladder. When the Declaration of Independence was written the only figure of humankind that was on the creators mind, was the white male. All the rights for humanity in the United States were being created for white men. Slaves and women were just followers to the system of which whatever the white men decided, that’s how life would roll. A great example of how women can however get away with crimes or injustices comes from an earlier reading, Creepin’ While Your Sleepin’. It explains how a woman can play an innocent card just because of the sex they are. Most police officers would let any woman get away with an act of injustice, because it is not thought of a woman to do such a crime. With time, the battle of the sexes will fade,...
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