The Battle of Fiore

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The Battle of Fiore
“Natsu!” he yelled. “Natsu!! Wake up!!!”
“Why?!” yelled Natsu.
“The Grand Magic Tournament is beginning in an hour!” yelled the Master. Natsu jumped out of his bed and got dressed in two seconds because he had completely forgot about the Grand Magic Tournament. Natsu, being one of the three Dragon Slayers in his guild, has to take part in the Grand Magic Tournament. Before I tell you the story about the Grand Magic Tournament and its adventures, I should tell you about the main characters background. Natsu is a Dragon Slayer. The best there is, actually. He learned his Dragon Slaying powers from the great fire dragon, Igneel. Not only did Igneel teach him but he raised. Natsu eats fire in order to power himself up. Natsu is an extremely strong mage, but with that power comes a great weakness Natsu can barely stand when he is on anything that is moving. Natsu, Gajeel, and Wendy, the three dragon slayers headed out along with Erza, the re-quiper, Lucy, the stellar spirit mage, and Gray, the ice mage all headed out to the Grand magic tournament. Excitement coursed through Natsu’s veins. They were all walking and talking about the tournament. They were all pumped up to fight the other guilds to see who is stronger. “I heard that the Sabertooth guild is really strong, they’ve been ranked as the number one guild in Fiore.” Said Erza “Yeah, well we’re gonna kick their butts right outa the number one spot!” yelled Natsu. “Stop yelling you idiot it’s too early” said Gray.

“Hey Natsu, after the tournament, me and you need to have an all-out fight to see which one of us is stronger!” said Gajeel. “Heck yeah!! I’m gonna kick your but you block of iron!” screamed Natsu. “What did you say to me?! You wanna go right now?!” said Gajeel. “Calm down you idiots, you want me to beat you guys up right now?” said Gray. “What?!’ said Natsu and Gajeel at the same time.

“Guys, don’t fight…” said Wendy.
“Yeah, Wendy’s right. All three of you need to calm down. A fight between you three would be catastrophic.” Said Erza. All three of them immediately did as Erza said, being that the only thing that any of them feared was her. They finally reached the entrance to stadium where the tournament would be held. “What’s that smell?” asked Natsu.

“What are you talking about? Asked Lucy.
‘I smell it too.” Said Gajeel.
‘Me three.” Said Wendy.
The three Dragon Slayers were raised by dragons so they have the noses of dragons. What all three of them were smelling was the evil stench of the Dark Lord, Zeref. Zeref knew that there would be dragon slayers here so he cast a magic spell on himself to mask his smell as much as he can. But the dragon slayers are too good. They smelled him from a mile away. The gang all went into the stands of the stadium to watch the first battle take place. The two contestants were from the guilds called Blue Pegasus and Llamia Scale. Two seconds after the bell rang to signal the start of the match, it was over. The contestant from Llamia Scale had finished the battle in one blow. Blue Pegasus’s contestant, Aaron the Golden swordsman was unconscious on the battle field, while Lyion the ice mage was standing victorious. Gray stood with eyes wide open wide open. He wasn’t expecting his brother to be in the contest. Gray and Lyion were not related by blood however, they both trained under the same master. A tragic incident occurred, resulting in the death of their master. After that, they both went their separate ways. …….

“If this plan goes correctly, all the people that can get in my way will be eliminated…” said a mysterious man in a pitch black hoodie. Underneath the stadium stood the man. He held a bone in his hand. But not an ordinary bone. It was a dragon bone. Beneath the stadium was a mountain of dragon bones, which the hooded man had been collecting for the past seven years. “With the bones of this dragon, I can resurrect the Great Dragon of Betrayal! Then all will be mine!” said the...
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