The Battle of Algiers

Topics: Film, Actor, Documentary film Pages: 1 (296 words) Published: November 30, 2005
The main purpose of the film, The Battle of Algiers is to show in detail what happened in battle between the French and the Algerians. This film expresses the Algerians rights, for example, the right to be free in their own country. The Battle of Algiers was specially directed using four tactics to grasp the reality of an historical event. The director films it in black and white, doesn't use unrealistic effects, directs the camera to focus on facial expressions and didn't use well-known actors but instead used people that were involved in the battle during that time to create a truthful and naturalistic tone. Filming in black and white creates the sense of a documentary symbolizing truth. Filming in black and white also symbolizes a newsreel, which was a resource that many used to obtain information on attacks and new proceedings that occurred during this time. To keep the films naturalistic tone the director didn't use unrealistic effects to enhance action scenes. In one scene where the woman plants the bomb in the café under her chair, the camera focuses on her facial expressions as she looks at the innocent people that will soon be dead. In her face we see feelings of wonder and sorrow but she still proceeds in her mission. At this point in the film the focus of the camera allows the audience to feel connected to the woman's emotions enhancing its natural theme. Not using well-known actors allows the audience to be unfamiliar with the actor as a person, and grasp its feeling of realism. The director did an excellent job in creating a natural tone because it allows the audience to captivate the feeling of being within the film during this time.
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