The Battle at Wounded Knee

Topics: Wounded Knee Massacre, Native Americans in the United States, Religion Pages: 4 (1333 words) Published: August 3, 2013
The Battle at Wounded Knee
Wounded Knee was a terrible event in US history. It showed how the US government didn't understand the Native Americans and treated them badly and unfairly.

The Wounded Knee massacre took place on December 29, 1890 near Wounded Knee creek in South Dakota, USA. The massacre was the American military fighting against the Native-Americans. It’s an important part of history because it is the last battle that took place during the American Indian war. The American-Indian war was made up of many different wars between the American Military and the Native-American people. They were fighting because the Europeans came to America and they were slowly trying to expand their territory into the Native-Americans territory and take their land away. The day before the massacre occurred, the 7th Calvary Regiment intercepted the Native-American tribe known as Lakota. The regiment escorted the native’s to Wounded Knee creek to keep an eye out on them and they made camp. The Americans took the Lakota because earlier in the day they were caught doing something called the Ghost Dance. The Native-Americans practiced this Ghost Dance often and they believed it would reunite the people who were living with the spirits of the dead and bring peace, prosperity, and unity to native peoples throughout the region. The Americans thought of the Ghost Dance as being threatening and harmful to them. They did not trust the dance or the Native-Americans. ( The next day, the troops of the 7th Calvary Regiment set out to disarm all of the Lakota. They took their knives and guns so they could not retaliate. The Americans and the natives did not speak the same language, which would have made it hard for them to communicate properly and understand each other. When one American was trying to disarm a Lakota, known as Black Coyote, and take his gun away, he did not want to surrender his gun as he said he had paid a lot for it. During the scuffle of trying to...

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