The Basic Pricipals of Life

Topics: Fairy tale, Bird, Stork Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: June 4, 2006
Basic Principles of Life

Have you ever wanted something, or wished for something, and then when you received the object or whatever it may be you realized that it was not in fact what you wanted. The story that I am going to touch base on is a prime example of the saying, "Be careful what you wish for." The story is called "Sasha, Mansor, and the Storks. The story is about a ruler, Sasha, who is a great person, and is loved by all of his people, except one. Kashenor was an evil wizard who wanted to replace Sasha with his own son. Kashenor after many days of thinking came up with an evil plan to remove Sasha from his throne. He told him that if he sniffs a black powder and says a magic word he can turn into any animal he like, and to turn back into a man he bow three times and then repeat the word. The catch to event was that he could not laugh while in the animal stage because he would then forget the word forever and never be able to turn back into a man. So Sasha decided to take the offer, and become a stork with his best friend Mansor. Once they were storks they were having so much fun flying and seeing other animals that they completely forgot about the catch and they started to laugh. Once they realized this they decided to go to a tomb to pray and there they found another victim of Kashenor's tricks. It was an owl who originally was the King of India's daughter. For her to become human again she must marry some one, so they made a deal. If the owl helped them become humans they would marry her. They snuck up on Kashenor bragging to one of his friends, and they overheard the magic word, Mutabor. Instantly they bowed and said the word, and they were humans again. Then Sasha married the owl, which turned out to be a beautiful princess after all. They then executed Kashenor, and tortured his son the imposter, and they pretty much lived happily ever after. That is a summary of the story of "Sasha, Mansor, and the Storks." I believe that this story is one...
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