The Bargain

Topics: The Bill, Debut albums, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 2 (372 words) Published: July 10, 2010
List of ideas:
Mr. Baumer was a store owner Slade like to drink alcohol Slade did not like to pay his bills Al worked for Mr. Baumer Slade could not read Slade was a freighter Slade steels whiskey

A. Bargain tells the story of a man named Slade who could not read. Mr. Baumer , a store owner, hires Slade to deliver his goods for him. Slade is found dead. B. Details:
1. Mr. Baumer tries to deliver a bill to Slade
2. Slade causes a scene
3. Slade beats up Mr. Baumer
4. Mr. Baumer hires Slade
5. Slade found dead
6. Barral reads deadly poison
Rough copy:
Bargain tells the story of a man named Slade and a store owner named Mr. Baumer. Slade cannot read and refuses to pay what he owes the store owned by Mr. Baumer. Mr. Baumer approached slade the first time and Slade tweeked his nose. Mr. Baumer was upset. Mr. Baumer then had to approach Slade a second time to give him the bill and Slade beat Mr. Baumer up. Mr. baumer avoided Slade for a while but then asked Slade to pick up his goods and Slade agreed. The time of year was winter and it was very cold outside. Slade was not back within a certain amount of time so Mr. Baumer assumed it was because of the weather. Another delivery guy went to Mr. Baumer and let him know he found Slade dead. Mr. Baumer noticed while unpacking the wagon there was a barral that resembled a keg of alcohol that read wood alcohol-deadly poison.(158) Final copy:

Bargain tells the story of a man named Slade, who cannot read, and a store owner named Mr. Baumer. Mr. Baumer approaches Slade with a bill he owes the store. Slade tweeks Mr. Baumer’s nose and does not take the bill. Mr. Baumer approaches Slade a second time and there is a fight between the two. Mr. Baumer then hires Slade to pick up his goods. During the cold winter Slade is not on time. Another delivery guy goes to Mr. Baumer and lets him know slade is dead. A barral in the wagon read...
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