The Banking System

Topics: Education, Question, Teacher Pages: 3 (833 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Isabelle Gorman
Prof. Rose
ENG 1310
September 23, 2014
The Banking Concept
Have you ever gone into a class, sat down, staring at the teacher, bored out of your mind? If this rings true for you, then you are familiar with Paulo Freire's "banking concept". The banking concept is an educational technique where teachers deposit information into students' minds. I believe that this system does not work because the students never really have to understand what they are learning. Students just have to sit through a class, remember what the teacher tells them for the test, and never have to remember that information ever again. My high school AP environmental science class used the banking system and failed because it was memorization based, it lacked creativity, and had limited open discussions. This class was very memorization based, which made me realize that I only had to know certain things for a test out of everything that Mrs. Gilbert, my AP environmental science teacher, taught me. Every time we were about to take a test, she would offer a study session, in which she would literally give us the question and answer to everything on the test. All we had to do was memorize the question and the answer and we could easily ace the test. I never really learned anything in that class. She expected us to take in all the information, put it off to the side in our minds, and then remember it for the test a few weeks later. I never truly had to understand the material being taught to us. If Mrs. Gilbert had made sure we understood the material, as opposed to just memorizing everything, I would have actually wanted to learn the material she taught us. One of the worst things about this class was that fact that it lacked creativity, which made me uninterested in the class altogether. She made us copy her notes word for word and a lot of the times, they didn't make any sense. She would make sure no one would fall asleep in her class, but she turned off the lights when...
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