The Banking Concept of Education vs. Problem Posing

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Name: Ronak V Patel

Draft – III

Paulo Freire wrote “The Banking Concept of Education”. His article is based on the “banking” concept education and problem posing education. Banking education is the learning method between students and teacher where most of the participation in class is done by the teacher. Learners don’t have any idea what the educator is talking about, this is the reason why Freire opposes banking education. Problem posing education is a learning method where students are taught practically about the subject with real examples. The writer supports problem posing method of education where students can benefit in terms of enhancing their critical thinking skills, remembering the concepts for long term. This education system will help to develop individual’s own opinion.

Richard Rodriguez writes in his essay, “Aria: Memoir of a Bilingual Childhood” about bilingual education and also takes a stand why he is against this method of education. Bilingual education involves academic content in two languages, in a native and secondary language. He believes that assimilation, the adoption and replication of the foreign culture and values, is a must in order to achieve success in this competitive world. Freire would oppose Rodriguez’s view on bilingual education because assimilation is a form of banking education. Freire writes about the negative effects of banking education and Rodriguez’s learning experience was the perfect example of banking. Rodriguez went on to become a scholarship boy by following and imitating the instruction of his teachers.

Rodriguez’s views on bilingual education is negative because he feels that immigrant students coming from non English speaking countries will not be able to integrate with American culture which later creates division of culture between American students. Freire believes that problem posing learning method will encourage students to give their own opinion, will also create consciousness of what is happening around them. My opinion is that if Freire was alive today he would support bilingual education.

In this paper I would demonstrate in two points why Freire would oppose to Rodriguez view on bilingual education.

Firstly, banking education is a one way learning between students and teachers. Freire refers to banking education as narrations where the role of narrator is played by teacher and they also lead the students to memorize the content taught such as multiplication tables, mathematical concepts and such. In a banking education students consume the knowledge their teachers give and follow instructions. Freire writes, “Education thus becomes an act of depositing, in which students are the depositories and teacher is depositor” (Freire 260). The writer refers to teachers as depositor where they deposit information and the students as depositories; they are made to repeat and memorize what the teacher is saying. Freire has given an exact term for those kinds of teachers referring to them as oppressors. They are the kind of people who exercise power over other persons and use others to their advantage. In the case of Rodriguez, since he was not able to give proper responses to his teacher’s questions in class, the nuns from school decided to meet his parents and asked them to communicate with their children in English at home. In this case nuns from Rodriguez school are oppressors where they intervene in someone’s private place and ask them to communicate in English. This is the clear example of banking education Rodriquez had experienced in his elementary school.

We can see another example of this form of banking education from Rodriguez’s essay, he writes, “He relies on his teacher, depends on all that he hears in the classroom and reads in his books. He  becomes in every obvious way the worst student, a dummy mouthing opinion of others. …synonym for primary “education” is “imitation” (Rodriguez 204). The writer is trying to say that...
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