The Ballad of Les Darcy - Les's Journey Was Profitless

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Darcy’s journey to America was Profitless - The ballad of Les Darcy

Les Darcy’s journey from Australia to America was far from profitless. Les did not earn any money whilst on his journey to America so in that sense it was profitless but instead, Darcy gained much more emotionally. From the point when Les left Australian shores he was confronted with many new and challenging experiences. He faced American media, and also during his journey he gained more perspective and grew stronger friendships with many people, including a lifelong friend Mick Hawkins. For Les America was a big adventure filled with challenges he endured for his family and career. Although he experienced many new and exciting things, Les on his journey was faced with sickness, unhappiness, and death.

Les’s journey to America began with his new friend Tim O’Sullivan, on a boat illegally bound for America. This was the first time Darcy had left Australia, his family, and his love Winnie. When the boat arrived in America, Darcy and O’Sullivan were greeted by an overwhelming amount of press; this was an experience Les would not forget. “… Each craft loaded to the gunwales with a seemingly impossible number of people shouting questions at Les, waving contracts, yelling welcome...” (pg 153) The media made an enormous fuss over Les, something he had not experienced in Australia where everyone was more down to earth and friendly. This was a key moment in Les’s journey when he realised he was no longer in the safety of his friends and family, and how large and famous he had become internationally.

Furthermore, Les’s journey to America had brought him to meet many new people, including the once famous Young Griffo. Darcy had been compared to young Griffo previously as Griffo was also a legendary and skilful boxer. Similar to Les, Griffo journeyed to America (long before Les’s boxing career had started) to seek fame and an international career. Griffo had come to America as the Australian...
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