The Bad Life

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Meaning of life Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: May 15, 2007
The Bad Life

Ones' perspective on life and the decisions in which they decide to make throughout their entire being can consequently decide whether or not they live a relatively "good" life or a "bad" one. Among many different people, and at different times, there have been different conceptions of a bad life. Some wonder what constitutes person to view their life as abominable. Many preachers argue that all of our lives are good, that we only believe they are bad because of circumstances going on around us at the time. My view is an unsatisfactory life is one that can be described as one which is led full of anger, hatred, and sadness.

One may view themselves as having an abominable life because they have an excess amount of anger brewing inside of themselves. When a person has that amount of anger they, more often than not, feel a lot of hatred for the people around them, and the people whom are closest to them. The anger that the person is feeling is reflected in their attitude, and their actions. One may have a very unapproachable attitude, and a violent demeanor. These two factors can lead a life most would call "bad", due to the actions the violent person takes. (S)he would, by nature, get into a lot of fights and therefore be in a lot of trouble with the law and would consequently be in and out of jail regularly. This would make a person view themselves as being unworthy of life, most of the time, that person has pushed away their family, and may only be close with people who are of other violent nature, which leads to many frequent gains and losses of friendship.

Along with anger, hatred is another factor which can lead a person to believe that their life is abominable. The pure hatred which one feels towards another person, or the world in general, cannot be explained with simple expressions. This hatred, which could stem from the anger which the person felt, makes that person's life miserable. Hatred is not an emotion easily felt, even though...
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