The Bad Impact of Watching Tv for Children

Topics: Light, Eye, Television Pages: 1 (341 words) Published: August 21, 2010
Do you love watching TV? Everybody love to watch TV, including children. Children spend more time to watch TV than doing anything else. Within a week they can watch TV about 170 hours. Because watch TV is not so bored like reading book. And they also can absorb many information from TV that is not derived from other media. But on the other side, there are many TV program that give bad influent to the children. Increasing obesity and ruining their eyes are the bad impact of watching TV for children. The first is increasing obesity. Research shows that children who often watch TV will snacking between meals, and eating foods that are advertised on TV and also tend to influence their parents to buy these foods. Besides that sitting for hours in front of the TV screen will make the body do not move and reduce the metabolism, so fat stacked, not burned and eventually lead to obesity. And the second is ruining their eyes. Television emits blue light that also produced by the sun. But it's blue light is not same as ultraviolet light. Blue light did not make the eyes automatically blink. So, the blue light goes straight into retina without filter anymore. The wavelength of light produced is 400-500nm and hence, potentially triggering the formation of free radicals and injuring the photochemistry in the retina of children's eyes. Ten years later when the children were adults, the damage caused by blue light looks very clear. Retina of the eye is no longer as healthy as childhood so the function ability become decreased. Therefore, watching TV is not so good for children. They must reduce their time to watch TV and parents are the one who can help them to avoid it. So that, the bad impacts of watching TV such as increasing obesity and ruining eyes will not occur in children. Invite them to fill leisure time with more beneficial activities such as going to the library which provide good benefits for children.
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