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Topics: Trigonometry, Trigonometric functions, Leonhard Euler Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: March 21, 2013
A Lesson Plan in Mathematics IV
Circular functions involve angles and angle rotations extended to include the definitions of trigonometric functions based on the unit circle. IBehavioral objectives: Within the period, the students should be able to: 1. solve the circular function values of θ given a point or a value of one circular function; 2. determine the domain, range, period, equation(s) or vertical asymptotes, and amplitude of a given circular function; and 3. sketch a graph of a given circular function.

IISubject matter: Graph of circular function
Reference: Mariel T. Artegenio, and Katrina Grace Q. Sumangit (2011), Next Generation Math: Advance Algebra and Trigonometry: Makati City, Diwa Learning System Inc. pp. 149-154
Materials: Visual aids, Flashcards, chalk and board.
A. Preparation
1. Prayer
2. Checking of attendance
3. Recap of the previous topic
B. Motivation: (Power Up)
Description: This preliminary activity will test the understanding of the students to the previous topic being discussed. Also, this would prepare the students for the new topic. The teacher will provide problems about circular function, and then the students will provide problems about circular function. The students will find the other circular function. The students must answer the problems that correspond to the color he/she picked from the box. Sample problem

Direction: Find the value of the six circular function

(-4, -4)

C. Lesson Proper
1. Presentation: (Provide development/ enhancement activity)
2. Lecture/ Discussion
2.1. Graph of the f(θ) = csc θ
2.2. Graph of the f(θ) = cot θ
2.3. Give/ provide examples
3. Development Activity:
3.1. Introduce a game that would test the students understanding. A. 1. f(x) = 2csc x, find domain, range, period, and sketch the graph. 2. f(x) = cot x/2, find domain, range, period, and sketch the graph. B. Find the value of the six...
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