The Baby in the Bottle Analysis

Topics: The Incident, Debut albums Pages: 4 (1318 words) Published: August 7, 2011
Brooding over what is forever lost will slowly make you shrivel and decay. Aside from it being useless and a mere waste of time, it will also give you illusions of hope. Hope that what is lost could be brought back, that what is not done could be done, and that what is done could be undone.

For this matter, let us look at the story of many little children thrilled to play and be entertained in a birthday party. They jump up and down anticipating the arrival of the clown who almost everyone else is raving about yet, when they see one, they discover that it is one of their greatest fears.

It is natural for humans to expect. We may pretend not to in hopes of not being disappointed but expecting is simply inevitable. Like the kid waiting to encounter the happy hilarious clown for the first time, we anticipate something that will bring us joy and just like how the same kid cries when the fearsome clown finally appears, our world falls apart when it brings sorrow instead. Mr. and Mrs. Libre were eager to hold and care for their child yet it didn’t come into the world as a live and complete one. They, especially the expectant mother, were devastated by this incident. Their hopes of building a solid and blissful family was also crushed when Mrs. Libre discovered that she can never have a child. The closest thing to it was the fetus so she insisted on bringing it home. (par. 6)

The frightened child throws a fit and becomes a monstrosity when the painted jester tries to make him laugh and in panic, he might harm other children and throw objects at the poor comedian. Similarly, our response to certain incidents or losses concerns and might negatively influence the people around us, most especially when they perceive that we are transforming into an inwardly atrocious being. Mrs. Libre’s excessive grief and conversion to a total stranger extremely affected Mr. Libre (par. 13). At first it can be seen by the frequency of her talking about the baby...
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