The Babies Movie Response

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Babies Movie Response

• What was your emotional reaction to this video?

It was not my first viewing of the film. A few years ago I accidentally found it on YouTube and revised several times. No matter what, I still can say that this is a great movie with a great director's work and a lot of moments that really can be perceived in different ways. I think that this movie can not leave someone emotionally indifferent.
• What moments are sticking with you? Such moments are quite a few:

• The first feeding
• Accommodations (habitation)
• The presence of animals (cats, roosters, goats and so on)
• The reaction of children to various stimuli, objects and obstacles
• A significant difference in the care of children
• Cultural features
• The obvious...

I love cats, and most of animals, but I do not particularly comfortable is the close proximity of the infant and the animal. At the same time, I'm not going to call anything unusual for me as wrong. Watching these films helps to realize again and again that the environment plays an important role for each individual family and depends on many factors.
• Why would we watch this in an early childhood class?
This film clearly shows the majority of those discussed in class. Such as: child's interaction with
adult and environment, early child development in general and, in particular, the difference and the
influence of culture, and so on
• What do you notice that we or the children you observed have in common?

- I noticed that, in common each of these children adapt to the given circumstances (as the only perfect one) and each of them passed through the same development process (slightly faster or slower).
- They studied with great interest to themselves and what surrounds them.
- Also I realized, that all of them are beautiful and unique.
• What differences show up?
That is how and in what conditions you have grown yourself, undoubtedly plays a roll in the formation of standards for the development of the child.
- The living conditions
- Participation of fathers, their presence or lack...
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