The Aztecs What Should History Say

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The Aztecs: What Should History Say?
What should be most remembered about the ancient Aztec society? The Aztecs created a grand society in Tenochtitlan (present –day Mexico City) from 1350 to 1519. Justification for the founding of a city in Central Mexico can be explained by Document 2, where the Spanish Friar Diego Duran speaks of a gods order for them to settle in a land where an eagle is perched upon a cactus. Although this Document provides the reason for settlement, all of the information may not be entirely true because it was written by a Spanish Friar Diego Duran as the Priest Cuauhtlequetzqui was speaking and he may have glorified the speech and put some of his own thought into it. The Aztecs had a huge population and had many progressive ideas. From Tenochtitlan, the empire stretched outward and expanded all the way from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. What should history say? History should say the Aztecs had a great society with an extremely successful military, innovative agriculture, and organized economy. They were very successful in conquest and became prosperous from the lands they conquered. The Aztecs also had brilliant advances in agriculture. They found solutions to farming on the swampy lands in which they lived that were not suited for harvesting crops. Aztec society was connected through many series of roads and a centralized market. When speaking of Aztec history the amount of excessive sacrifices are normally brought to attention which makes their society seem inferior and brutal, these sacrifices were simply only an aspect of their religious belief and should not be emphasized to the extent that they are.

The Aztec conquests were very successful and had several benefits. Conquest was very important as pictured in document 2 as the drawings of Aztec warriors subdue their enemies and burn enemy temples. The military was very fierce which allowed them to conquer many lands. “Most territories shown on the map were...
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