The Aversion Project

Topics: Paracetamol, Pain, Suffering Pages: 1 (284 words) Published: October 28, 2014

HESI Fundamentals: Pain
1. Wrenda's younger child is an infant, who needs feed every 3 hours 2. What word best describes the pain you are experiencing
3. Frequent guarding
4. Continue the interview with the client
5. Client reports pain of 1 on a 0-10 scale
6. Discuss the plan of care with the client
7. Tylenol does not have an antiinflammatory effect
8. All aspirin products should be avoided in children unless specifically prescribed 9. The dry heat provided by your heating pad will help relieve your pain by promoting muscle relaxation 10. Excessive exposure to cold can damage the skin

11. Reflex vasodilation occurs following the initial vasoconstricting effects of cold 12. Pain relief is actually provided by delivering small electrical currents to the skin 13. Be sure to use conducting gel or conductor pads when applying the electrodes to the skin; clean the skin where the electrodes will be placed and dry thoroughly 14. There is a high potential for abuse

15. Review prescriptions for any scheduled drugs with all nurses with access to the medications to determine why the count is inaccurate 16. 2
17. Ventrogluteal18. The great trochanter19. Pull back on the syringe plunger and observe for blood 20. Include as many sensory images as possible in the experience 21. Tense the muscle fully

22. The day before the surgery is scheduled
23. 18 mg
24. She is receiving adequate pain control without the additional doses 25. The synergistic effect of the 2 medications improves pain control 26. You may need to continue the docusate sodium (Colace_ because most opiod analgesics, including Vicodin, cause constipation 27. Arrange to continue the conversation in a more private location 28. Veracity
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