The Augustan Age 44 BC-14AD

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The Augustan Age 44BC-14AD
The significance of the settlements of 27BC and 23BC were important as they helped Augustus establish his power and gain complete control of Rome. The settlement of 27BC initially began on January 13, 27BC when Octavian announced to the Senate he would lay down his supreme power. Augustus says “I transferred the state from my power to the control of the Roman Senate and people”. The importance of this quote is that it highlights that the Republic was being restored. Ensuring that Octavian who have the support of the public “He seduced the army with bonuses, and his cheap food policy was successful bait for civilians. Indeed, he attracted everybody’s goodwill by the enjoyable gift of peace. Then he gradually pushed ahead and absorbed the functions of the Senate, the officials, and even the law. Opposition did not exist “as said by Tacitus Although Octavian had laid down power he was still able to win power back from the Senate and people. With the extreme precision of these events of the laying down of power Octavian was able to gain two major powers which gave him control of Rome. The three major powers that Octavian received were a proconsularship,princeps senatus and consulship from the Senate. The significance of Octavian’s proconsularship or Imperium Proconsulare was that it contained the greatest power at the time, the military. Through Octavian’s Imperium Proconsulare he was able to gain control of Rome’s military forces which were located in Spain, Gaul and Syria. The reason which can justify for this “special power” can be clarified by the Senate who stated that “the Senate could not control soldiers and that member of the Julian family was more suitable due to past experiences (Julius Caesar’s reign) with the military. Imperium Proconsulare was crucial in the establishment of Augustus’s power and supremacy of Rome also the benefit of this power that is was granted legally by the Senate and people. Octavian also had the...
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