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Topic 3B- Management assertions and audit objectives

- Define management assertions and the related audit objectives
- Describe management assertions related to class of transactions, balances and presentation and disclosures
- List out and describe general transaction related audit objectives, balance related audit objectives and presentation and disclosure audit objectives
- Understand specific audit objectives and how they are linked to general audit objectives and management assertions

Topic 4 – Audit evidence and Planning (Chapter 5 and 6)


Nature of evidence
• Any information used by the auditor to determine whether the information being audited is stated in accordance with established criteria
• The use of evidence is not unique to auditors:
• It is also used extensively by scientists, solicitors and historians

Audit evidence decisions
• Audit procedures:
Detailed instruction for the collection of audit evidence
• Sample size:
Is likely to vary from audit to audit
• Items to collect:
Which items in the population to test
• Timing:
Can vary from early in the accounting period to long after it has ended
• Audit program:
List of audit procedures for an audit area or an entire audit
• Usually includes sample sizes, items to select and timing of the tests
Most auditors use computers to prepare them

Persuasiveness of evidence

ASA 500 requires the

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