The Association of Business Executives Qcf

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The Association of Business Executives QCF

Marketing Policy, Planning and Communication
1 December 2011, Afternoon
1. 2. Time allowed: 3 hours.

Read the instructions at the top of each section carefully. The number of questions you have to answer is marked clearly at the top of each section. Do not answer more questions than instructed. The number of marks per question may vary. Marks for subdivisions of questions and the total marks for each question are shown in brackets after the question. No books, dictionaries, notes or any other written materials are allowed in this examination. Calculators, including scientific calculators, are allowed providing they are not programmable and cannot store or recall information. Electronic dictionaries and personal organisers are NOT allowed. Candidates who break ABE Examination Regulations (Conduct during the Examinations), or commit any misconduct, will be disqualified from the examinations. Question papers must not be removed from the Examination Hall.

3. 4. 5.

6. 7.

STRUCTURE OF PAPER: Answer ALL THREE sections SECTION A: Answer ALL FIVE questions Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q5 Either Q6 or Q7 Either Q8 or Q9 15 marks 14 marks 14 marks 14 marks 14 marks 15 marks 14 marks 100 marks

SECTION B: Answer ONE question SECTION C: Answer ONE question




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This paper consists of THREE SECTIONS. Follow the instructions at the top of EACH section. SECTION A You must answer ALL FIVE questions in this section. Questions do not carry equal marks. The mark allocation is stated after each question. Section A is worth 71% of the total marks available for the paper. Q1 Define and explain each of the following organisational positioning strategies, giving an example of each: (i) Leader (ii) Follower (iii) Nicher (15 marks)


(a) (b)

Explain what is meant by the term ‘micro environment’.

(4 marks)

Discuss the micro...
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