The Assessment of Reference Service in Mendiola Consortium Libraries

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The Assessment of
Reference Service
In Mendiola Consortium Libraries
Submitted by:
Anne Denise C. Benedito
Maria Camille Manalo
Nicole S. San Miguel

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Prof. Nora J. Claravall

It is a fact to state that books are the richest recorded treasure on earth and the output of the best minds of all ages. But, though more books are available today than before, the art and joy of book reading is known to only a few, that for every person who might use ten or a dozen good books a year, there are hundreds who never even had opened one single book covers for once.

Since all books contain a lot of information and answers to all queries; thus we need a reference service for an effective process of establishing contact between the reader and all documents in a personal way. Thus, all documents will serve potentially to his requirement, precisely. It is then, a personal service, which involves various activities aimed at making information available to the users as easily as possible. In order to provide information, a reference librarian therefore, may make use of the resources of the library, as well as, those resources available outside the library- containing substantial information, potential to the researcher’s requirements and perusal.

Ready reference service and a long-range reference service are the two different aspects of reference service. Reference service can be divided into two categories: first is the Direct, personal assistance like bibliography, searching. And the second is the Indirect, where a format and informal instructions are indicated like: to help others know how to use the library, the selection materials, the filing, and maintaining records, as well as, preparing reports are given into focus. Reference questions can be categorized in four categories: first the Direction, which leads to the general information like, “where is the OPAC?”. Next is the Ready Reference, leading to the requested information normally found in reference books like: “what is the meaning of…?”. Thirdly, the Specific Search, which can be answered with data, normally short answers from reference books like: “where can I find…..?,” using bibliographic tools. And lastly, the Research, which involves the trial and error method searching for the researcher to recognize a problem like “Vietnam War.” Setting of the Study

This study was conducted at Mendiola Consortium Libraries. The Mendiola Consortium is an organization of four institutions located at Mendiola namely: Centro Escolar University (CEU), San Beda College (SBC), La Consolacion College (LCC) , and College of Holy Spirit (CHS)- who all have formally agreed to pool their manpower and physical resources to enhance their capability to provide quality education and public service, and to participate more effectively in the attainment of national development goals.

Thus, groundwork had been laid to facilitate the common use of each school’s physical resources. An area of particular interest was the project sharing of research facilities of the schools like Centro Escolar with its extensive books, periodicals and non-print collections among them; Holy Spirit, a strong collection on Business Literature; San Beda, an Institution, or Humanities and Legal Education collection; and La Consolacion, with its rich collection of Educational materials. Under the consortium scheme, students and faculty of the four schools have relatively an easier access to these and other facilities.

Statement of the Problem
This study aims to determine the status of reference service at the Mendiola Consortium libraries under study. Specifically, it answers the following questions: 1. What is the profile of the library staff in the reference service of the Mendiola Consortium libraries in terms of : Age, Educational attainment, Number of years in service. 2. How did the respondents assesses the status of the...

References: Green, Samuel Sweet, “Relationship between Students and Librarian” (3d; Massachusetts. H.W. Wesley, 1961), 63.
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