The Assault - in What Ways Do Time and Place Matter to This Work?

Topics: World War II, Korean War, Cold War Pages: 2 (724 words) Published: May 5, 2013
The Assault - In what ways do time and place matter to this work? Time and place matter in this work because the author uses time and place to show how life continues and things have changed; yet, the impact of the night of the assault continues to haunt Anton. I believe that there are three key points that support my position. These points are; how Anton matured over time, how his surrounding places changed after the war, and how Anton held onto the events that took place in Haarlem, even though he as well as the places around him changed. Over the course of the book, Anton showed a significant amount of growth, from his childhood in Haarlem, all the way until he had reached an age that surpassed his own father in years. Anton was married at twice. His first wife was Saskia De Graaff (pg 100), and his second wife was Liesbeth (pg 152). This shows how he matured and grew from a traumatized boy in Haarlem, to a man with two families in Amsterdam. The author also showed that he had matured by describing his physical characteristics. “Time passed. His Hair turned gray prematurely, but he did not grow bald like his father.” This shows that time moved on after the events the night of the assault.

The author also showed how places in Anton’s life had changed since that night. The author described how Haarlem was before the war and how it had changed after the war. The city was completely different. In the Haarlemmer Hout, the former site of the Ortskommandantur garage; became a restaurant. This shows the difference between war times and peaceful times. Also, a bank had replaced the actual Ortskommandantur (headquarters) (pg 160). Anton also noticed that there were different kinds of people in Amsterdam. “He saw a group of warrior types wearing turbans, wide pants, and sword belts, with only the pistols and scimitars missing; displaced Kurds, perhaps…” (pg 165). Kurds are Iranic people from West Asia who have been displaced from their home land. Anton...
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