The Assassination of President Lincoln

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The Assassination of President Lincoln
Alexandros N. Brownlee
Columbia Southern University
The Assassination of President Lincoln
Stanton, E., M. (1865, April 15). President Lincoln Shot by an Assassin.; The Deed Done at Ford's Theatre Last Night. THE ACT OF A DESPERATE REBEL The President Still Alive at Last Accounts. No Hopes Entertained of His Recovery. Attempted Assassination of Secretary Seward. DETAILS OF THE DREADFUL TRAGEDY. The New York Times.

In the letter from Mr. Stanton the Secretary of War to Maj-Gen Dix, the secretary describes the events the prescribed that night at Ford Theater. The President was shot in the back of the head where the ball round almost penetrated the front of the skull. The assassin then exited the theater through the rear of the stage. Later on that evening the Secretary of State, William H. Seward and the Assistant Secretary of State, Frederick Seward were both attacked by an assassin in their quarters. Both men were father and son. William Stanton was stabbed in the face and throat several times. His son Fredrick was alerted by the nurse and rushed into his father’s room where he was also inflicted with serious wounds. Mr. Stanton said “It is not probably that the President will live throughout the night.” He later on stated again that he has seen Mr. Seward and Frederick and that both were unconscious due to injuries they had suffered. Papaioannou, H. & Stowell, D. (2013) Dr. Charles A. Leale’s Report to the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association, 34(1), 40-53 Dr. Leale’s accounts of the night on April 14, 1865 transpire from arriving to Ford’s Theater where he was seated down below the President’s box. It was loud and full of people when he arrived at 8:15pm. The President and his wife arrived with their guests and were seated in the box with an attended waiting outside should the President require his services during the play. The president and his wife waved and bowed to the crowd and soon the play would commence. Dr. Leale remembers hearing a distinct gunshot ring out in the theater followed by someone screaming that the President has been murdered. More people called out “Kill the murderer.” A short man with black hair and black eyes was seen jumping from the box and getting tangled in the American flag draped below. He lost his balance but only for a few seconds. The doctor also remembers this man welding a dagger in his hand. Then the man disappeared through the rear exit of the theater. Dr. Leale rushed to the President’s box where he was permitted to assist Mr. Lincoln by Mrs. Lincoln. He sent someone for brandy and water while he instructed two men to remove the president’s jacket and shirt so he could check for wounds. He did not find anything out of the ordinary to the president’s torso but upon further inspection to his head, the doctor felt a clot that was oozing and removed it. Upon doing so Mr. Lincoln’s breathing restored to a somewhat normal state. About 20 minutes afterwards the family physician arrived and with the help of some men and the guards they clear the passage to the exit of the theater. By now there were hundreds of people crowding the hallways and outside to see what was going on The President was moved across the street to Mrs. Peterson’s house. While caring for the president 4 more physicians arrived including the surgeon general. Now there were 6 doctors caring for the president. More care was given including probing the wound in the back of the head trying to locate the ball round and remove it. They were unsuccessful in their attempts to revive President Lincoln. At 7:20am on 15 April 1865 the president was pronounced dead. McCarty, B. (1922). The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln. According to McCarty (1922) Booth not only killed president Lincoln, but he had in doing so. Earlier in the day Booth had help from an old friend who worked at the theater....
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