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In the article Glob-ish by the British journalist Robert McCrum we get to know a lot about a global phenomenon called globish. Robert McCrum points out in the article how this constructed language, this simplified English, is becoming more and more common by easing the communication in this globalized world. Knowing globish will help people with different mother tongues to understand each other much easily then before, without speaking perfectly. He also explains how frequent the English language is becoming around the world. There is no doubt that it will become everyone’s second language.

McCrum writes that globish became obvious in 2005 when The Jutland Post, which is a Danish newspaper, published a couple of offensive and provocative (for some people) cartoons of the prophet Muhammad. Owing to this, it created big headlines all over the world, especially among the Muslims. They started to protest, demonstrate and riots spread across many countries. The demonstrators used slogans like DOWN WITH FREE SPEECH, which are globish slogans with very simple English.

Later, McCrum tells in the article about Jean-Paul Nerrière, a French IBM executive. According to this man, the communication of the third millennium will be based on the worldwide language Globish. The point is to reach the threshold of understanding. Nerrière describes Globish as a version of basic and easy English with a poor vocabulary of only 1500 words.

To sum up, Globish is an artificial dialect that helps people to speak even if they cant speak English. Robert McCrum insists that globish will become an even more important instrument for those who needs to communicate internationally. English is not needed, Globish is enough.

Source : McCrums article,
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