The Art of Trash Talking

Topics: Play, Profanity, Game Pages: 2 (808 words) Published: September 28, 2008
“The Art of Trash Talking”
Michael Humady
It all started 20 years ago, when former head coach of the Oakland Raiders and NFL commentator decided to make a football game. Since then, a new Madden game has come out almost every year up to now (Madden did not come out with a game for the 89’and 91’seasons). Every year NFL fanatics line up to get the new game with updated rosters and new features. Many people are even willing to skip work or school just so they can get the game and play all day. Madden-itis, as it’s called, has happened to me and many of my friends.

The game of Madden brings out the competitive spirit of all NFL lovers and gamers alike. When you pick up a controller and start to play the game, it just feels like you are part of the team and your mind set goes from playing a casual game being extremely competitive and trying to show complete dominance against your opponent. This game will change the calmest and quiet guys to the type of guys that scream at the top of their lungs over a great play. When you get ready to play a game of Madden, no matter who you are playing, get ready to talk a lot of trash and also receive a lot of trash talking.

When it comes to playing Madden, trash talking is just as part of the game as picking your team and calling the plays. You just can’t help contain yourself from screaming and talking when you make a great play or getting mad and frustrated when things don’t go your way. I talked to many of my friends and asked them, “Why do we talk so much trash to each other when we play this game.”My friend Senal said “Trash talking is just something that I do to make the game more enjoyable. We all talk when we are playing and we all know that it’s all in good spirit.” What he said was very true, talking trash while playing the game makes it a more enjoyable experience. It’s better than just being super serious and focused. He also said “Trash talking not only makes the game more fun, but it also makes the game more...
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