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The Art of Sex

By zackg95 Jan 21, 2013 1086 Words
A critical lens is an approach or viewpoint of a text based upon a critical theory or knowledge. To view a text through the critical lens of Feminism, for example, is to examine the text from the point of view of a feminist - examining the roles, both domestic and social, played by men and women, and how equal the relationships between men and women are. Current critical lenses are Formalism/New Criticism, Post Modernism, Marxism, etc.

Some English teachers also use the term 'critical lens' to describe the topic or focus of a task. The statement or question is given in order to encourage a student to take a specific critical viewpoint of a text, and evaluate how and why the text supports or challenges this theory.

Eg. Critical lens - "Marriage in The Importance of Being Earnest is discredited by Wilde as a device of power rather than passion." This lens asks you to focus critically on how the text supports or challenges this interpretation of marriage. Ads by Google

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A critical lens is a type of essay or a style of writing a narrative piece. It consists of five paragraphs, each covering various aspects of the topic of the essay and examining it critically. The writer of a critical lens essay has to follow a series of steps in each of the five paragraphs in order to compose a good critical lens. The first paragraph of a critical lens essay is known as the introduction. It should not be more than four sentences long. In the first sentence, the quote or the topic must be copied verbatim exactly as it is written, as that is the central theme of the essay. In the second sentence, the writer must write the quote in his or her own words, that is, how he or she interprets the topic. In the third sentence, the writer must write whether he or she agrees or disagrees with the motion, and give reasons in support of his or her answer. In the last sentence of the first paragraph, he or she must quote the titles of two books that prove his or her views. The main body of the text must be divided into three separate paragraphs.

In the first sentence of the second paragraph, the writer must prove his or her point because of certain literary elements taken from the first book, such as the theme, the characterisation, the conflict and the setting of the book, followed by a sentence about how the author proved that the point made by the critical lens writer is true using a literary element. The third sentence is another example of how the writer of the critical lens was proved right, and the fourth sentence is a summary of the paragraph. The third paragraph is written in the same way as the second one, but in this, it deals with the elements and opinions of the writers of the second book and the critical lens. The fourth paragraph of the critical lens, which is the third paragraph of the body, is based on experiences drawn from the personal life of the writer of the critical lens which proves his or her point of view. In the fifth and last paragraph, which is the concluding paragraph, the first sentence is a restatement of the quote or topic, the second sentence is a summary of whether it is true or false, the third sentence is a prediction about the future with respect to the quote and the fourth sentence is a quote from a book the writer of the critical lens has read, which concludes the topic in one sentence. by aki

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If you guize are too tired to even response what critical lens essay actually is, then you shouldn't feel any need of responding...Critical lens is a quote that is used as a tool to to analyse the work of literature. It draws your close and full attention toward the aspects of the text, AND a critical lens essay is an exercise in an analyse literature. Sometimes an author would use a critical lens quotation from another author that relates to the theme of the story to follow... THIS IS ALL WHAT MY TEACHER ONCE TAUGHT ME!

by Sanjnarai
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A way for schools to further waste kids lives
by Bobby412
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An essay that I have to write right now for english it really stinks! Totally ugh by Anonymous
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Its an essay
by Anonymous
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