The Art of Racing in the Rain Chpt. Summaries Ch 31-34

Topics: Miranda warning, Denny's, A Little Bit Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: August 28, 2013
Chapter 31
The chapter starts off with Zoe wanting to go to school and staying for her afterschool program. Denny is worried that the twins might come get Zoe so he tells her he’ll pick her up earlier. Later on Denny and Enzo goes to Victrola Coffee shop and goes to sit on an outdoor table which they are later joined by a large but, compact man named Mike who seems to be a friend and attorney of Dennys. They discuss about the custody between Denny and the twins over Zoe. Mike sounds assured that Denny will have custody of Zoe but, Mike does ask for a twenty five hundred dollar retainer. Chapter 32

Enzo is in the garage with the guys that fixes cars. They would toy with Enzo such as throw wenches and tell him to fetch. Fenn one of the techs would always tell Enzo “Are you done yet” as a joke since Craig always tell the people below him that and since Enzo is below Fenn he feels the need to say that. This makes Enzo feel a little bit more human. During the day Enzo felt very anxious. He would pace around and never settle down like he would on a normal day. He thought it was natural progression of his evolving soul and tried to embrace it. Later on two cops walk in asking for Denny saying they have a warrant for his arrest. Mike goes to warn Denny but, Denny goes to see the cops and the warrant states Rape of a child in the third degree. Denny tell Mike to call Mark Fein to pick up Zoe. With that they arrest Denny and read the Miranda Rights in front of the customers and take him away. Chapter 33

Enzo explains about most of the things that followed after Eve’s death and how the twins are trying to deplete Denny of money and destroy his will and play off his desire to see Zoe mature in a loving and supportive environment. Enzo also says how he was denied access to most information and how movies and TV shows gave him an understanding of things that are happening.

Chapter 34
Denny was placed in a small room with a large table and many chairs with...
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