The Art of Persuation

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The Art of Persuasion

By definition, persuasion is the process in which you convince a reader or listener to think or act in a certain way, through the use of appeals to reasons, values, beliefs, and emotions. someone to believe what you say is no more than simply convincing this someone to either accept a new idea or update his knowledge or belief about an existing idea. Not all people will acceptyour ideas with the same degree; however, there are still rules that every person is subject to and if used correctly, will increase your chance of convincing other people to believe what you say. According to the authors of some books such as Get Anyone to Do Anything Artful Persuasion, human being can be a successful persuader if he just understand what works and what does not.

Kaveh Balouch is a twenty nine year old middle eastern man, who owns several businesses, about which “he prefers not to talk about.” One of this, is a Sprint authorized sales dealer located inside the Hickory Hollow Mall in Antioch,TN. It's a friday afternoon like any other, there haven't been many new line activations at this particular store this month, so Kaveh is determined to get a sale today. A middle age man and who seems to be his wife walk by the store, and Kaveh greets them and makes a comment about the weather. The couple smile and suddenly start walking towards him. He asks about their phone service, and they explain that they have been Cricket customers for the past 5 years and that they are very happy with the service they get for the price they pay. Kaveh listens to the customers paying very much attention and agrees with them that the Cricket company has very low rates. Once they are finished talking about Cricket, Kaveh starts introducing Sprint.(he is very confident and optimistic.) Strangely, before he explains the gains they would get from switching to sprint, he takes the risk to enlist the cons of Cricket; next, he explains that they wouldn't have to worry...

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