The Art of Persuasion

Topics: Writing, Regulatory Focus Theory, Essay Pages: 4 (1127 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Some of the major events in history have either taken place or been avoided by the help of persuasive speeches. Great leaders, politicians, revolutionaries have all made use of the power of words to convince people of their point of view. The power of insightful and powerful words has an amazing effect on people. They can be shown and convinced of points of view they never believed in and they can be made to do things that they thought they were incapable of doing. Truly, convincing and persuasive words have surprising effects on people.

Instead of just getting custom essays from someplace, it is best to learn the art of persuasive words to use in one’s essays. Persuasion and persuading people is very important. When people do not see eye to eye on a particular topic, there is bound to be hostility among them. This is sure to be followed by fights and arguments on that particular topic. To make other people see on the same level or for them to see a common point of view, persuasion is very important.

One should do everything in one’s power to persuade people through one’s essay otherwise the person will ultimately have to buy custom essays.

The person writing the essay should make full use of his or her words to convince other people. This should be combined with strong confident statements, flawless logic and supporting evidence. Along with these, one should also use the strong and persuasive power of reasoning. All these combined together are sure to convince people of one’s point of view. The following points, if kept in mind, will help people in writing a persuasive and convincing essay.

First, one should choose the right topic to write a persuasive essay on. This topic can be anything that interests the person. It should be a topic for which the person feels from within, in a very strong and certain way. In case the person doesn’t connect as well emotionally with the topic then writing on the topic will be tough for the person and he will...
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