The Art of Early Autumn

Topics: Langston Hughes, Harlem Renaissance, English-language films Pages: 4 (1263 words) Published: January 7, 2011
The art of “Early Autumn”
With the advent of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s, strong black voices, writing with African-American rhythms and cadences, broke out all over the country. Of this remarkable creative outpouring, one voice rose among all of the rest. This was the voice of poet Langston Hughes. Langston Hughes was a well known poet, novelist, journalist, and playwright, and was nicknamed the "Poet Laureate of Harlem”. During the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes gained fame and respect for his ability to express the Black American experiences in his works. He was one of the most original and versatile of the twentieth century black writers. Like the sharp peal of a jazz trumpet, Hughes' works announced a kind of rich and vibrant and fiercely poetic literature to us. In his “Early Autumn”, the sentimentality of female and the rationality of male were thoroughly described. The love story is a continuous cycle, people repeat the process again and again, no complaint, no regret. Hughes saw this love truth with his insightful eyes and depicted a heart-stabbing love between Bill and Mary, or let us say, the wishful love on Mary’s part. Langston Hughes has showed a tactic art in his “Early Autumn”:         1).common plot with uncommon meaning;

2).an exterior representation of the psychology;
3). a language full of romantic poetic realism.
First, it is the common plot with uncommon meaning. Langston Hughes just told us that Mary impulsively married another man, which hurt Bill deeply, but didn’t tell us why. We readers now have to resort to our own imagination to reckon. Then many reasons and thoughts involved in when we go on reading. Langston then has successfully brought us to now from past. They encountered with each other in Washington Square, we’d rather say that it was Mary who picked up Bill among the crowd, calling his full name: Bill Walker. She was no longer deserved his kiss, his genuine care, even though her little son...
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