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My goals in life are not hard to achieve at all. First and foremost, I realize for a goal to be achieved,it will take determination and discipline to achieve it. Walking across that stage is my number one goal. Having the ability to graduate with my friends comes from hardwork and dedication, but I know recieving that high school diploma is just the beginning of my career. Being accepted into the Art of Institute has brought me closer to achieving my goal. My number 1 goal is to own my on Bakery (Moonie's Goodies).

The institute would help me achieve the basic steps and take responsiblity on moving in the right direction of my career. Art Institute will help me reach my goal in becoming a Pastery chef. Attending this institiute will also give me a step closer to reaching my main goal in my life. I realize that choosing this college was the best college for me because my goal after high school was to attend a culinary college that will offer me the skills I need in business managment, which will bring me closer to owning my own bakery. After researching the Art of Institute online, I knew that the Art Institute will give me the guidance needed to set me on the right path for my goals. To be successful in the commitment to my education will require determination and taking on more responsibilitites in my life. I know that my participation is acquired and will be given. I am looking forward to meeting and making a connection with my instructors, whom will share in a vital part of my career goal achievements. Also, looking forward to working beside peers whom are excited about their goals, such as I. I will attend any event that is being offered by the institute. Goals are challenges and in order for one to be successful, one must achieve the goals that lies within you. Having the ability to train amongst peers, is a dream come true. Thankful that I was accepted into the Art of Institute. asia jackson
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