The Arrogant Management of a Company: Quality Walk Case Study

Topics: Contract, Vice President of the United States, Management Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: April 28, 2015
Materiel Acquisition Management
MGT 5084

Case Study – The Quality Walk

Michael Spade is the vice president of a manufacturing company, who was rude, bully and unapproachable boss. Michael was the youngest vice president in supply chain history and he made life unbearable for his employees working under his tutelage. Michael seems to be a difficult leader and very arrogant toward its employees. Beth on the other hand, wants to visit the factory before her company enters into a binding contract. Beth observed many things that occurred in the factory and she was not pleased. Beth found out that working in this environment was a “rat race”. She discovers that the morale of the employees was drastically reduced due to the attitude and bad behavior of the management members. Nevertheless, there are many things that Beth learned during her walk through the factory. There are couples of scenarios though at the factory that Beth disagreed with and found it difficult to support any long term contract agreement between Epic communication and the supplier facility. These are as follows: Management member of suppliers facility are unfriendly and not approachable, therefore employees tend to avoid such managers. This act of rudeness behaviors demonstrated by the management staff demoralizes employee’s efforts and negatively affects efficiency of staff members. However, Beth could recall other supplier’s facility she previously visited was a friendly environment. Another negative thing that Beth witnessed was posters and rugs that were pasted on the walls displayed the company in a negative ways. For example, there are Zero Defects with a smiling cartoon character holding a wrench which completely against Deming School of thought (practice). Beth also found out that member of the management and employees were not up to date in their training program. In other words, most staffs were not participating in the employees’ development program such as seminar, and workshop....
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