the arrangement

Topics: Father, Mother, Parent / Pages: 11 (2545 words) / Published: Apr 7th, 2014
This piece is intended for the age group teens and above. So the age bracket would be 14 years of age and up. This piece is needed to show Indian stereotypes and how misconceptions can lead to judgments that are not valid. The initial idea behind a piece such as this was to engage the readers and give them a humorous outlook on society’s perspective in this day and age regarding various cultures and ways of living. I chose the topic of arranged marriage as it is considered to be a controversial topic in both Indian and international society. I thought that it would highly interesting to witness the debates that would take place on both sides regarding the issue. Throughout the story it shows the main character being coerced into something that he does not want to do. It shows his inner turmoil as he must either succumb to years of tradition, or his wish to continue his way of living. This brings out theme which is to live your life and have control of your destiny. The response should be that the reader should laugh at the stereotypes illustrated, but should understand how society has shaped situations and predicaments like this to arise.
The Arrangement: How I escaped my arranged marriage AUTHOR

Message from the Author:
*The following piece is a work of fiction and is in no shape or form based on real life events. The content is plainly used for humorous purposes and does not reflect personal opinions regarding culture or heritage. If readers are offended by any content in the novel, please remember that it is used purely for story purposes and is in no way reflective on how I feel regarding the topic.

Chapter 1: The Trip

The feeling of being woken up to an airplane landing on the runway is an unforgettable feeling. It signifies the start of an adventure to where you are heading whether it be for business purposes or for a simple vacation. You are essentially an individual on a mission. In my case, however, I say that this feeling was an absolute

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