The Archipelago Is the Reflection of Our Society

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The Archipelago Is the Reflection of Our Society

After reading the “Archipelago”, a story which dealing with the evolution of inhabitants of an island, writing by A.C Tillyer, we begin to understand that the island depicted in this short story is reflecting the evolution of our own society trough time. This story is dealing with fear and intolerance, problems that each of us is facing every single day.

First we will see that the Archipelago at the beginning and before the construction of the wall, and our world in prehistoric times looks the same. Secondly, after the wall has started to be build, the inhabitants of the Archipelago refuse to mix themselves with the other islanders which closely resembles to the differences that are opposing people against others, rich and poor, Black and White, Islamics and Catholics, etc. Then, we can notice that people living over there are suffering from Paranoia; in our world, we can say that it is going the same way. For all of the reasons we are going to develop, we can say that our world and our society present lots of similarities with the Archipelago.

We can compare the very beginning of the Archipelago with our world during the prehistoric period. On the Archipelago, “each island is inhabited by a different race of people” (Tillyer 1), a long time ago, different races of men were living in the different continents. In fact, we can notice that islanders at that time were living in the same way as prehistoric men. As A C Tillyer says “people live in tents” or “each race builds in a manner that is stubbornly at odds with the immediate environment”.

Therefore people are living in peace on the Archipelago and in our world before the construction of the wall for the island and before, according to the bible, the construction of the Babel tower in our world.

After the beginning of this wall, people began to refuse to mix with others. According to A C Tillyer “people prefer to stick with their own kind and mixed...

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