The aral sea

Topics: Water, Soviet Union, Cotton Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: October 21, 2013
Why have the waters of the Aral receded? Who is responsible? During the 1950’s under the communist regime, in an effort to have a main cash crop decided to plant cotton in the desert areas of middle Asia. To water these areas, the communist engineers decided to use most of the main rivers that fed the Aral sea as the water source. When the cotton plant did not take to the hard ground. In affect taking more and more water from the source of the Aral sea. What environmental and human costs have resulted?

The environment has eroded away and become nearly inhabitable by human. Buildings have fallen to the ground from the salt eating away at the brick. The water in the nearby lakes and streams contain 6 grams of salt per liter and that is a lot more than the drinkable limit by most humans. It is said that the, “Aral had to die as a soldier in the war of progress.” What do you think this means? I believe that is it stating that the Aral sea had to be destroyed in the progress of the former Soviet Union. For cotton to be the main cash crop of the Soviet Union water had to be used and could only be obtained from the tributaries of the Aral sea. Had you heard about of the Aral Sea crisis before? If you had how did learn about it? If you had not, why do you think this is the case? In this case the communist were blind to the fact that there actions were causing extreme harm to the environment and the people of the area in and around the Aral sea. Should an effort be made “restore” the Aral sea?

I think it should be, because it has made an impact on the area that is far more significant than losing it completely. The Aral sea has been around long enough to uphold the region in fishing and many other things such as canning and chartering, as well as beach homes for the wealthy of Moscow. What has been done already to save this sea? Is it enough?

They have already begun to build dams to flood the valleys that the receding Aral sea has created, the only problem...
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