The Arab Spring

Topics: Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Democracy Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: June 13, 2013
The term “Arab spring” is a connotation used by both Khalidi and Rozenman in their articles in reference to the Arabs’ protests for democracy overtime. The articles are a response to the mass action taken by various Arabs worldwide after the throw of despondent rulers such as Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh and Libya’s Muammar Ghadafi. The two articles attempt to delve deep into the consequences of such historical actions, drawing precedence from nations such as Turkey and Lebanon. Khalidi and Rozenman are both keen on the influence of a new democracy in the Arab nations and the impact that such “fresh rule” would have on the society; especially the Arab and Western worlds. The Arab world as a better place

Khalidi (2011) is keen on stating that the Arab world has become a better place. This, he says, is due to the ability of Arab countries to shake themselves loose from the shackles of dictatorship that have bound them over the years. Evidence of this could be seen through the positive press coverage that Arab countries are getting from the west. Rozenman is, however, of a different opinion. He opines that the end of autocracy in the Arab world is something worthwhile. Despite the downfall of the despots in Egypt, Syria and Lybia; the democracy model that the said countries are eager to develop would be retrogressive. He further writes that Arab democracy drawn from Islamist ideas ,which are Anti-western and anti-Jew, would only impact society negatively. The Arab nations tend to draw examples on democracy from very wanting corners. The Turkish model to which most Arab countries have sought precedence from is an example of double-standard democracy. It is only democracy prima facia which underneath lays majority dictatorship of the minority (Rozenman, March 2011). Khalidi ,on the other hand, is of the opinion that previous connotation of Arabs as “moderates” by the western world...

Cited: Khalidi, R. (March 21 2011). The Arab Spring. The Nation, n/a.
Rozenman, E. (March 2011). The "Arab Spring": Democratic Promise Or Threat? Midstream, 8-11.
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