the apartment

Topics: Human, Drug, Illegal drug trade Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: April 22, 2015
The Apartment
I live in a small apartment in the middle of town. The apartment that I lived in was a quite nice three storey apartment with two flats on each storey. I have mostly got nice neighbours besides for one who I have never seen before who lived on the same storye as me. One day I was wondering if anyone else new who lived in the apartment next to mine, but no one seemed to know. Suddenly, a lot of thoughts were going through my mind. Maybe he is a terrorist. Maybe he is a thief. Or maybe he was just a normal human being. I just didn’t know what to do and how to find out who lived in this apartment. I shared my thoughts with my other neighbour and he felt the same as I did; frightened, nervous, suspicious and apprehensive. We just didn’t know what to do. After a week of me having sleepless nights because I was scared of the suspicious person next door, I had enough that night I decided to get together with a few other neighbours to find out who lived in the apartment. I had an idea that we should just knock on the door and see what happens. So that is exactly what I did, I was feeling a bit anxious about doing it but I found the courage, and knocked on the door. Then I waited a few minutes and nothing happened. I knocked again and nothing happened. I was just so fed up of not knowing who lives here. I decided to try and knock the door down. At this point everyone behind me who were watching were feeling quite frightened and didn’t know what would happen next. All they could see was their friend standing in front of the broken door looking at them whilst shaking. A few moments later, I walked in with valour. I felt his way in the flat because it was pitch black; all I could hear were some birds chirping outside, however the smell was very sweet and minty it suddenly came to me that this is the smell of drugs. Now I was starting to feel a bit shaky and suspicious because drugs are never a good sign. For my own safety, I decided not to go any further into...
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