The Anzac Legend: The Australian Spirit

Topics: New Zealand, World War I, ANZAC Pages: 2 (663 words) Published: April 4, 2013
The ANZAC legend is many things to many people, to me the legend is as relevant today as it was 95 years ago, it is who we are as a people. The Anzac Legend is the Australian Spirit. This Anzac spirit has changed little over the past 95 years, the fundamental appeal and Spirit of the ANZAC legend is as relevant and strong today as it was on the day it was born, 25th April 1915, they were united under a common flag, a common emblem and a common outlook. Over the ensuing 8 months of fighting at Gallipoli the Anzac legend, took hold and became a symbol of honour, a rite of passage and an unwritten guide of Digger qualities and expectations. Simply put the Anzac Spirit is, helping out a friend, regardless of the consequences and knowing that your friend will do the same if the situation was reversed, it’s doing what needs to be done when it needs to be done. The ANZAC legend is confronting problems and overcoming difficult situations. It is showing initiative to do what ever is required to achieve the goal or objective and knowing that they will survive and thrive in the end regardless of the situations.

The ANZAC legend didn’t suddenly manifest itself 95 years ago but has been forged out of desperation and courage since our nation was founded in misery and shame over 200 years ago. Our founding fathers showed initial qualities of this unique spirit and needed to draw strength and mutual support. The traditions of the Anzac legend were built around the Digger on the front line, but these qualities and traditions apply equally to those unsung heroes that played important and sometimes overlooked roles in supporting the fighting machine. While today’s Defence Force mission is no longer to fight for Empire, but to defend Australia and ensure the security of its people and national interests are protected, our service personal continue to display all the characteristics of the Anzac legend.

During the war the legend of ANZAC became the proud possession of all in...
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