The Antimicrobial Properties of Plants

Topics: Petri dish, Agar plate, Julius Richard Petri Pages: 4 (1068 words) Published: April 30, 2009
Antimicrobial Properties of Plants

A plant with antimicrobial properties means that it destroys or inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Aim: our aim was to see weather or not garlic, mint and grass contained antimicrobial properties and if they did how effective they were we were trying to see weather the bacteria will grow around the different plants.

Control Test: As a control test what we did was, we dipped a paper disc into the alcohol solution we used to dissolve the plants; the reason we did this was to test to see weather or not the alcohol would affect the end result. If bacteria grew around the alcohol- paper disc this would mean the alcohol had no effect on the bacteria. This is what we want.

Safety Precautions taken: The main precaution we had to take was to make sure that we were working in a sterile environment at all times. There were many ways we did this. We first of all most importantly we washed our hands, made sure hair was tied back, no one was chewing, our working environment was clear, we were aprons and safety goggles. All the equipment we used was sterilised. Whilst we were working with the agar plates we had a Bunsen burner burning in order to create a sterile area we can work in to avoid any contamination.

In my Petri dish I had 4 different variables.

Section 1: Controlled (alcohol)
Section 2: Garlic
Section 3: Mint
Section 4: Grass


In Section 1: the controlled variable there was quite a lot of bacteria present meaning that the alcohol had no antimicrobial properties meaning it couldn’t inhibit the growth of bacteria.

In Section 2: The variable in section 2 was garlic. Bacteria was killed within a certain region of the paper disc, however the bacteria was present at some distance away from the paper disc (as shown in diagram) this shows that garlic has some features of antimicrobial properties but...
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