The Antebellum South (Kindred)

Topics: Time travel, Time, Periodization Pages: 3 (1109 words) Published: May 12, 2011
The Antebellum South (Kindred)

In most new environments people are subject to act according to their surroundings and instincts, based on what they think is “right”. In the novel, Kindred, by Octavia E. Butler, the character Dana experiences time travels back to the antebellum South, where she encounters many dangerous situations. Although Dana is very clever and is able to make the best of her surroundings while helping others, it is challenging for her to do what is truly right by following her instincts, because of the immoral punishments of the antebellum south. Like most normal human beings Dana has common sense and thorough the novel she retains this vital characteristic. In the beginning of the book when Dana goes back in time for the second time she encounters Rufus trying to burn down his house and when she stops him he calls her a “nigger. Dana gets offended by this and snaps at him, but he says that if she touches him he’ll tell his Father. “Wherever it was, the last thing I wanted to do was meet the boy’s father. The man could have me jailed for breaking into his house-or he could shoot me for breaking in.”(Butler 25) This is an example of common sense displayed by Dan, she says that she doesn’t want to meet Rufus’s father because he might kill her because it seems as if she has broken into his house. The second time she portrays common sense is when Rufus tries to convince Dana to read to him. He grinned “Not with you here. Read some more” “I don’t think I’d better. It’s getting late. Your mother will be home soon”. “No she won’t. Read.” I sighed. “Rufe, Your mother doesn’t like me. I think you know that.”(Butler 88) Dana knows that if she reads to Rufus any longer that his mother would be home very soon, and she really doesn’t like Dana. So instead of getting in trouble with Margret, Dana decides to stop reading to Rufus and let him rest. If Dana would have decided to read to him, Margret would have gotten home and found out and possibly “find”...
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