The Analysis Of The Extract From Language And Language Learning By N Brooks

Topics: Literary criticism, Literature, Literary theory Pages: 2 (704 words) Published: February 24, 2015
The extract taken from the book “Language and Language Learning” is a piece of scientific prose which deals with the problem of comprehension of literature on school level. The author touches upon the theme of topical interest in the field of language learning. That is why this text is of great importance for those who want to comprehend a story in a new language. The author provides the reader with possible steps of solution of this problem. Each of these steps is given in an extended form with a lot of details and explanations, what helps the reader to grasp the idea and reflect on it. According to the author the preliminary step is “acquaintance in the mother tongue with the plot, characters, atmosphere and general significance of a story”. The writer characterizes this step as “excellent” and compares it with the clarification of the words in an expression in the mother tongue before giving its equivalent in the language being learned. The author, undoubtfully (несомненно) being an expert in this sphere, managed to foresee the reader’s possible association of this step with the process of translating. He denies this wrong assumption (предположение) and uses the phrase with a strong negative meaning – “in no sense” to convince the reader in his point of view. As he sees it, “the relating of the two takes place at a psychological level”. It is worth mentioning that the major peculiarity of the text is the author’s constant attempts to involve the reader into the topic and in some way interact with him. For this purpose serve innumerable questions asked at the beginning of the paragraphs, also the personal pronoun “we”. Usually this is not characteristic for a scientific paper, but the author seems to have his own professional approach to the problem. He combines techniques of persuasion together with logical presentation of his hypothesis. Thus, starting to analyze other steps of gaining “a literary level of a work of literature” with another question to the...
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