The Analysis of Short Story "Mabel" by William Somerset Maugham

Topics: W. Somerset Maugham, Short story, Marriage Pages: 3 (1171 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The story under consideration entitled Mabel was written by William Somerset Maugham. William Somerset Maugham is one of the best known English writers of the 20th century. He was not only a novelist but also one of the most successful dramatists and short-story writers. Maugham travelled widely to all parts of the world. He visited Russia, America, Africa, Asia. The technique of short-story writing always interested Maugham. De Maupassant and Chekhov influenced him but he adopted his own unique technique, which is characterized by realistic and psychological presentation of the events. The story in question “Mabel” develops the following plot. The author recalls the story of a man whose name was George whom he once met on his way to Mandalay. George and Mabel had been engaged and going to get married in six months but some unexpected events pushed back the day of their wedding. Seven years later Mabel found George. Having several attempts to hide in different countries George was being chased by Mabel and had to surrender and marry her. The subject-matter in the story is the following: the story is about persistence. The story is based on unusual plot structure technique. It is a frame structure when there is a story within the story. The outer story is presented by the narrator and it is narrated in the 1st person to make it more true-to-life and credible. The outer story is incomplete because it lacks the denouement. The inner story is told by the secretary and it is complete, it preserves all the plot structure components. Due to this fact the reader gets the impression that the whole story is complete. The inner story is told in the 3rd person by the observer-author. He doesn’t know neither the thoughts of the main characters nor their inner state. One of the key points of the inner story is the setting. The time slows down and rushes and then slows down again. In the exposition of the story the author informs us that George and Mabel were going to get...
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