The American Revolutionary War

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The American Revolutionary War

The American Revolutionary War was a very important war. This war allowed the English colonies to gain independence from the country Britain. The war established an independent country which is now called the United States of
America. Events leading to the war helped our nation form a new government , a new army, and the idea that if a government did not serve the people well, then that government could be put away and a new government formed to serve the people. Revolutionary War began when the colonists of the new America had enough of the taxes that King George III gave out to the people. For example: the intolerable acts, tea tax, and the stamp act. Britain wanted the colonists to give more money to the treasury afterall the landowners of Britain were paying high taxes from previous wars. King George’s ministers were looking to keep the king’s supporters happy so they looked to the American colonists as a new source of money and they thought they needed to pay for British protection. There were no taxes on wages back in the days of the colonists so they had to tax imported goods sold to the colonists. The colonists were very unhappy about this. They thought it was not right to tax the people without representation in Parliament.
The colonists thought that no laws should be made against the colonies unless there was a representative for the colonies in parliament to represent their interests. This belief was important in forming the first independent government for the colonies. In 1774, the first Continental Congress met in Philadelphia. The members voted that the British Parliament had no right to tax the colonists without representation, nor should they trade with Britain until the British government gave in.
The British monarchy did not grant the colonies representation. In 1775, the American
Continental Congress

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