The American Revolution

Topics: American Revolutionary War, British Army, Royal Navy Pages: 2 (500 words) Published: October 19, 2014
The Revolutionary War

During the Revolutionary War, there were many hardships and disadvantages the Americans faced while fighting for their independence from Great Britain. For example the British army was much bigger and better trained than the American army, they had lots of food and ammunition shortages, and there was a weak and divided central government. The Americans met and overcame these challenges to win the Revolutionary War by receiving help from France, Spain, and the Dutch Republic. France supplied money and troops, France and Spain weakened British forces by expanding the war, and the Dutch helped carry French military supplies to the Americans. By receiving help from other countries, altogether there was 250,00 troops fighting for the patriot cause. Also the Revolutionary War "officially ended" with the singing of the Treaty Of Paris. British people held mass protests in Britain and demanded their King sign the Treaty Of Paris end the War and Bring their troops back home and give America back their independence, the King signed it and officially ended the war. Many Historians worldwide have different opinions on if the Revolutionary War was a win or a draw because of the British King officially ending the war by signing the treaty. Also the British were fighting three other more important Wars in other parts of the world at the same time as the Revolutionary War, even though they were outnumbered in all four wars they still went on to win those three other wars. The Revolutionary War was the least important as America was a young country with not much for the British Empire to gain, the three other wars they were fighting in other parts of the world had a lot to lose and a lot to gain, the troops that were fighting in America were needed elsewhere. In the Revolutionary War there were several reasons that enabled the Americans to win the Revolutionary War, the main reasons were the alliance with France and the Guerrilla Warfare of Marion's...
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