The American Revolution

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, African American Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: May 21, 2009
The American Revolution
Women's lives began to change significantly with the American Revolution. Every war means more women taking charge during the absence and after the deaths of husbands and fathers, their active role in the war was very important. After the war, talk of rights raised issues of women's rights education. Religions also play an important role for women in the American Revolution. Women's roles were limited in the colonial times. Marriage and motherhood were the primary goals for women. They lost property and legal rights upon marriage; therefore, women were not expected to participate in the war. Despite their low positions in society, women did participate. One example was Pennsylvania Mary Hays McCauley carried water to troops in battle. When her husband fell at the battle, New Jersey, in 1778, she took his place. For this action, she receives a pension from the state of Pennsylvania for all the services rendered in the revolution war. On the home front, they sewed uniforms and knitted stockings for the soldiers. With their husbands away fighting, some women had to take over as weavers, carpenters, blacksmiths, or shipbuilders. Women had to adjust to be alone and to handling the day to day affairs of running a farm or managing a business in a husband’s absence. Their independence management proved to be one of their most significant roles in the revolution era. Dubois, E, C, Dumenil, L (2005). “Through women's eyes”, page 80- 84. The revolution affected the lives of Native American women. They gained some independence from their confining roles because of their efforts in the war and in maintaining their communities in the men’s prolonged absences. The necessity to improve education accelerated after the war, for practical and ideological reason. The American believed that a new republic needed an educated people. As the new nation began the long process of industrialization, this complex economy required to have better skills. Some...
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